Friday, November 23, the retail trade is in black

Then Black Friday is over us again and offers and prices fall down. Just 10 years ago, Black Friday was unknown in Denmark, and at least 90% of us know what it’s all about. Both because the number of stores holding Black Friday is increasing each year and because the news media spread the message and tells stories about Black Friday – both positive and negative.

Black Friday is getting bigger and bigger
The term Black Friday is the first time in Denmark in 2010 (according to the Danish Language Board). Initially only in some online stores, and only in 2013, the first physical stores will hold Black Friday. As early as 2015, the Danes translate for just under 2 billion on Black Friday (according to Nets), and thus Black Friday is the biggest Danish shopping day for the first time – by almost half a billion more than 22 December the year before. Since then, revenue has risen every year – by 2017 we rounded 2.1 billion.

Do not miss a great deal
When the stores give us one day with a lot of great deals, we, as consumers, get the grip of fear of missing out on something. It does not matter that tomorrow we will hear about the good purchases of the neighbor if the offer has expired. It feels like a once-in-a-lifetime chance and we will annoy us if we do not get along. The fear is only reinforced by headlines such as: “Queue offer”, “Limited number” and the like.

Black Friday, -weekend and -moon
However, Black Friday is not as hysterical in Denmark as it is in the United States of America. First of all, many of the offers are not necessarily super fantastic: the media have been good at the last few years to find offers that were no better than what the goods had otherwise been offered. And, on the other hand, Danish stores are not necessarily sharp for one day. Concepts such as Black Weekend and Black November make the offerings on the Black Friday a little less exclusive – we have a little better time to make a coup.

Multiple deaths – Multiple shopping days
We avoid – perhaps why – most often the worst tumult. In the United States, counts how many people are injured or dies every year due to Black Friday. Since 2006 there are 10 people, for example. died: Trampled down by other bidders, drove wrong due to exhaustion or shot down in the battle for parking spaces. It is about as many as in the same period was killed by alligators (according to Wikipedia).

Three days after Black Friday follows “Cyber Monday” for online stores, and on November 11th it was “Singles Day” . Especially the latter still misses its very big breakthrough in Denmark.

Do you get out of the shopping days?
Do you want to benefit from the different shopping days – in your online store or business?